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Envato team

Hey everyone, I’ve noticed quite a few people are using screenshots of Envato sites in their templates which is okay but quite a few authors are using image that other authors upload to Envato sites like Creattica.

If Envato doesn’t directly own the artwork then you must get permission directly from the author to use it in your templates here at Theme Forest. You can take screenshots of Creattica but they cannot include images of other people’s artwork that are sent to Creattica.

This has been slipping through because I’m not familiar with all the artwork at Creattica and several authors state that all images used are either Envato owned or produced themselves. So, if you use images from any Envato site (like Creattica) where the images aren’t directly owned by Envato then you’ll need to get permission from the original authors first.

I hope that helps clarify things. :-)

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great clarification, I did this but changed all my images at once before.

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Yep, this brings some clarity to the matter. I need to update my images on Atlantica (doing so now), I’m glad to see such a direct statement on this :)