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I think there should be an authors only section where we can take about this because i am fed up of being gagged because envato are pretending this is not going on. by just saying it does more harm than good which is a pile of cack because if you type in themeforest themes in any major search ending, there are more of these sites than there is themeforest items lol… and this is with a sush sush policy.

Which only gains it if you ask me because they know they are getting away with it.

but i recently had an idiot message me on facebook asking for support and sending me a link to the site where he is testing it.

I quickly realised it was a rip because i have started coding it a little different just to make sure that i know a rip from the purchased item.

So i thought i would name and shame this company/person/idiot!!!!

If you check my facebook page you will see the company who has poor ethics and who is the cause of some clients not trusting real designers/developers!

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We could simply create a closed group on facebook for authors where we could all discuss everything beside that forum without having customers seeing what we’re talking about :) What about that?