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Hi everyone,

I have a client who need a flash ringtone maker.

it has features like download video and convert to mp3. and also it can upload local audio files too.

It generates whole waveform then and user can select a portion of waveform for the ringtone. after this, ringtone is made and available for download.

ofcourse, ffmpeg is at the backend.

I quoted 2.5K for this application. he is saying that it is too much. flash is on downfall, so I should lower the rate.

what quote you suggest if my quote is too much?

help please.

thanks in advance.

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How exactly would flash being on downfall lower how much it costs to build a project? (especially a project that as far as I see from the description, only flash is capable of doing in any simple way). I probably would have quoted 3k-5k depending on other details, such as what libraries I could find to make things like audio conversion easier, etc. Though of course what you need to charge depends on where you live and the cost of living there, so take that into account that I live in the U.S. when I say that price. It does sound like a pretty large project though, so in the end you really can’t charge a complete pittance for it, no matter how bad you want the project.

The only non-flash ways I can think of to do that project would involve PHP getting wave data, sending it up to HTML5 front end that can allow the selection, etc, and a whole lot of browser<->server back and forth like that. But frankly that would be a whole lot harder that it has to be. So if his problem is honestly with flash itself, offer to do it that way and double the quote, it’s a win either way :)

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Anything that involves sound developing in flash requires top notch coding on server/client side.

Right now there is no true alternative for sound developing over the web as to flash platform.

Your range of price for this requirement is on the low range of price for such development but with freelancer there is really now price unity, the better skills you are the more you will charge that’s the way it goes.

The other option you have is telling your client there is a strong rumor by 2022 html5 will be complete and hopefully by then they will have some good sound class with 1 sound format :P

Also hourly rate is the inheritance of the past, be honest with your client and charge base on a project and your skills cos` I never saw a true flash developers that can charge promptly base on hourly rate.

Also let’s say now you will go now with dimumurray say and take of $1000 ,if i was your client i will now first think you are an amateur $1000 off ya…. right , if you want to give discount 10% or cut the work and remove additional work that’s the way to go .

Estimate your work base on your skills is the ABC guideline in the freelance world ,do not stumble on that issue