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Hi folks, I am an on line teacher. A friend of mine (who is also a teacher) has a child who has autism. He wrote a simple book to advocate for himself and his needs. For example, he can’t shut out sounds and hears everything. In his book he explains in simple language how that is great for listening to music but he hears everything like people breathing.

What I am doing is taking the content and putting it together in an on-line workshop for people who may work with people with autism. I have the ability to do that. I don’t have strong graphic skills yet. The idea is to create a product that would generate some income through the online workshop that would go into trust. Ideally it would end up as an app but I don’t have those skills yet.

I am wondering if any of you folks could work with me to develop a pathway or treasure map for a “Pathways” metaphor. I also need a cross view of a hole being dug progressively to show progress.

I will search graphic river for ‘trinkets’ for the learner to gather along the way as they learn about issues. An earring for learning about ‘auditory’ issues, a ring for motor control issues, a heart pendant feelings issues. You get the idea.

I could do the workshop without it but it would look nicer.   I can pay for some work but this is out of my own pocket.

If you can direct me to resources or even a different site where I can get some help that would be great.

Thanks in advance. Bonnie

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I can help you out with “trinkets”, I allready have one in my portofolio, also could get you the others you need. Regarding the tresure map, I would need some more information.

If you are interested, contact me via my profile page.

Best regards.

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Hey, I could help you with it, please send me a message through my Profile page!


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Hi Miksa,

I can help you creating the Autism project pathways, send me a email to ze_casal@hotmail.com so i can give you a quote.

Hope to hear from you soon!