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I have just got an email from him too. Looks like he has been banned on marketplaces (can’t visit his profile), so the staff must have had some solid reasons to ban him.

@Bitfade could you share some more details and how did you know he is a scammer?

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@SnapThemes: Wow !! Can the hospitals really tell over the phone about the medical conditions of a patient? Aren’t these details confidential??

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If he’ll post any proof on his page, i will donate. But for now i saw only his photo and useless text

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Envato team

Hi guys,

for the moment everything regarding this matter has been reported to Support and is pending investigation. Until further proof surfaces, any further discussion for or against this case is counter-productive, and not in compliance with the forum rules on calling out Authors.

That being said, we do not support the spamming of other users emails and have NOT provided any aid to that extent, and have NOT provided any help in sending out multiple emails to our Authors. Also, soliciting of funds is not permitted on the public forums, so the concept of having our permission and help to do so through sensitive personal channels such as Author Emails is highly unlikely.

Regardless of the outcome of this case, please refrain from discussing this issue without taking everything into account. You are all of course free to investigate privately and offer support if you consider the need to do so.

Thank you. Will be locking this up for now.