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Hey guys, I have a project in mind but the biggest problem for me is choosing the name. And as my english is not that good, therefore its really hard for me to generate a catchy & short name. Any Ideas on how to choose one?

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There are lots of ways to brainstorm names but it just depends on what works for you. I like to open up notepad or pull out a sheet of paper and just start jotting down names and ideas. Sometimes I’ll look up meanings behind names, etc.

I also like to put together lots of words that describe the project, which you can then use to create something new. Anyway, my point is that you just have to start getting your ideas out of your brain and recorded in some format. From there I’m sure you can figure out the rest. :)

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One word – Thesaurus. :)

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Don’t go with the classics, i.e. if you’re developing a project site, don’t call it iProject, or YouProject; or verb-names, such as ‘maker’, ‘doer’, ‘searcher’, etc.

All in all (in my case atleast), as I speak a few languages, I try to mix similar definitions within different languages, and tweaking them a bit. This way you create a strange, unique and still somewhat understandable title/name.

Also don’t be too shy; just let your imagination jump out (though always considering a few limits, such as adult language, racism, and you know, the whole ‘better-to-avoid-tenses’).

Good luck,