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Terrible idea, have a look on elancer if you want to see how much people are willing to undercut each other, we don’t want that here now do we :)

If you limit let say 5$+- I think it would be ok. Of Course you can’t allow theme price lower then xx $.

But sure it is better idea only one day with all prices down (Black friday).

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Why? We already have 5+ bundles a year… in fact, didn’t one just end this week?
Did you read my question? Bundles are different, only a few benefit from it. A massive sale on all items on Themeforest on black friday and cyber monday would be a great benefit for all authors.


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Author price changes, nonono, easiest way to kill the marketplace. Won’t ever happen tho thankfully ;)

Discounts instead of bundles.. I think the idea has merit, but there are two possible drawbacks I could see.

1)Envato takes a large cut of every sale across the market, cutting prices by 25% or more across the board would be a fair amount of revenue for them if the sales didn’t rise enough. Not saying it wouldn’t pay off (I think it would) but Envato would be risking a significant amount so might not be keen to jump into something like this.

2)If decreases became commonplace (say 4 or 5 per year) some buyers might hold of buying until the price decrease.. no idea how many might do this, but worth consideration.

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There should be events like Black Friday on TF, so author can agree to be part of it and his theme are 30% cheeper for lets say 48h.