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You are lucky that I post this thread, I could also shout up, leave envato, choose a competitor and do not buy anything without giving you the possibility of selling and make money…

Hi, no offense please, we just write ‘wisdom’ here all day long.

Quoted above is your choice, about my luck because of your suggestion, hmm better to skip that part. About leaving TF hmm again, will be hard to find biggest choice and better quality themes in my opinion, we can agree about that.

To make things clear. I do not underestimate pricing on TF ($40-$60), I think personally it’s fair, competition is huge but in the same time chance are huge. What I commented is more against buyers with ‘suggestions’ and pre or post purchase phase and expectations.

If you or anyone else agree that current trend in creating themes here is more like ‘WP Theme – Make Anything Easy Without Effort’ in a lot of themes, than we must agree that you do not have enough skills or creativity to make ‘anything you want’ from purchased theme, or you are not ready to pay more than $40-$60 (for pro) to make ‘anything you want’. I think that is quite clear.

About point is it difficult to find what buyers needs? I agree, but that is in phase to be resolved, at least Collis said: “We have a team for that”, so let’s see.

When I say you I think on all buyers with this kind of suggestions.

So nothing personal just can’t allow anyone to give suggestion ‘no creativity, all is same, bye…bye… etc etc.’, I can allow actually but I’m in good shape for good and constructive conversation…5min more.

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Hey Buyers :)

As someone with a varied (somewhat) portfolio, I’d like to offer my insights here. Whilst creative, original layouts can do well (see MyFolio) there’s also some that simply don’t do well (See WiderGrid, AccordInc)

The issue we have as authors is if a theme doesn’t sell, we don’t earn, so you’ve got to admit that the safe route makes the most sense for authors who have a living to earn, expenses etc.

Though I try to make my portfolio unique, I must admit I do like doing a more traditional theme where I know there will be decent sales, because hey, that’s what I’m here for :)

Perhaps if buyers were to delve into themeforest a little more (see experimental category) and really lay some sales out on the more creative, bizarre themes we have here, instead of buying 1000 copies of Avada a week, then there wouldn’t be as many similar themes here.

any thoughts? :)

Thanks for pointing out that experimental category tommusrhodus . I wasn’t even aware that existed. I shall take a look :)

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we are in the process of getting ours approved and it is not a onepager. I will let you know soon as it is up.



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Hello themes developers! I’m a customer who buy themes to build the image of my own company without reselling them, anyway, your themes are great but they looks all the same… all of them have are onepage websites with parallax effect… I’m a bit bored of that… I think you could improove sales with a new fresh theme concept without copy each others… isn’t it a great idea? Just a suggestion… Bye bye…

Don’t care about the replies from theme developers, most of they are just making money and they don’t care about creativity.

Yes, guys: you lack of creativity. If you see that there’re hundred of threads talking about this topic is something you’ve to understand and thinking why it happens.

We customers also spend a lot of time browsing through the same template again and again. And I’m a bit bored to see always the same template in everywhere. Is it necessary to create ANOTHER parallax-revolution-slider-bootstrap-portfolio-multi-purpose-responsive-creative-agency-hispter-styled theme? Seriously? Why?

You want more money? Innovate! Customers doesn’t want excuses. “If you don’t like, just don’t buy it” is what we DON’T have to hear from you. Our time is a value and you’re wasting our time by making us to review a theme that is also published 2 million times before.

Want some ideas? Those authors are what I call creatives:

http://themeforest.net/user/Playnethemes/portfolio http://themeforest.net/user/KrownThemes/portfolio http://themeforest.net/user/meanthemes/portfolio

And those themes are what we’re say when we’re calling for a new concept without make the same again:

http://themeforest.net/item/seo-wp-social-media-and-digital-marketing-agency/8012838 http://themeforest.net/item/cabana-creative-multi-purpose-wordpress-theme/6961548 http://themeforest.net/item/insurance-wordpress-theme-for-insurance-agency/12014130

Just well coded and well designed templates. If you developers aren’t inspired, please don’t waste our time making us browsing your copied themes.


You just typed your message as ‘we’ to make it look like you’re talking in behalf of a group, to make your statements look bolder.

Besides that, you’ve added some links to items that you actually seem to appreciate. Why not stick with those items then?

You want more money? Innovate! Customers doesn’t want excuses. “If you don’t like, just don’t buy it” is what we DON’T have to hear from you. Our time is a value and you’re wasting our time by making us to review a theme that is also published 2 million times before.

What you’re mentioning above indicates to me that you don’t want to spend money on a custom design.

In the past, I’ve been searching for shirts for hours in (online) stores, but for some reason, a lot of clothing companies only make shirts in white, lightblue and black. Besides that, once I found a nice shade of blue, the shirt doesn’t fit at all.

I’m now spending some extra $ for bespoke shirts, where I can choose the fabrics and the color and I don’t have to worry about the sizes of the shirt.

My advice for you is to spend some extra cash and hire a freelancer or an agency if you want something different that suits your needs.