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I’ve just bought a premium theme from here based off the glowing feedback, impressive list of features and what was shown in the demo. However, after purchasing and installing it about half of the functions like the home page slide, image uploads, placement of widgets and core functions simply do not work.


It seems I’m not the only one however, and there are tens of people in the comments and support thread with the same basic issues. The author seems to ask for login details to fix this stuff for them, though there’s never a solution posted onto the support board for the theme.

Now this is the first premium theme I’ve had to buy, mainly because of the people I’m working for really like the layout. So far it’s been an absolute disaster and timesink because of these bugs and features which just don’t work.


Is this kind of shoddy work normal for templates? And why are the ratings so skewed for this one which is obviously broken for so many numerous people. The support also seems quite elusive, and there are zero answers or fixes posted. Sorry, but this is just plain shitty—does Themeforest refund in cases like this?



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Hi Chuan

did you get documentation with the theme? Most themes just after installation won’t look even close to what you see on demo page, you need to setup widgets, options, sidebars, page contents, sliders etc. Most (if not all) themes have documentation that covers this process step by step.

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Envato team

Hello :) Have you tried clicking on that item’s support tab? http://themeforest.net/item/bzine-wordpress-premium-hd-magazine/6858477/support

You’ll find that author has their own support system set up that you’re welcome to use for any troubleshooting tips. Thanks!