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I’ve experienced a fairly major drop in sales this week. Not sure if it’s related. Almost didn’t get any sale until Thursday, and even then not really worth mentioning. Since Thursday its returned to bad.

This is despite having two new templates unpoladed withing the last 6-8 weeks.

I would definitely say that I’ve noticed an overall drop in uptake of all new files. Its quite possible that the older files are still selling well, maybe its just the new stuff.?Anyone have any similar observations?

Hope it’s just because of the approacing holidays and not as a result of the “Buy Now” changes.


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Alright super talented creative people.

So, first.

The Shopping Cart thing, +1 and come one. Ask me for assistance. What’s my name?


just joking.

Well, my sales are great this month and I have branched out to Audio Jungle, ThemeForest, Started on ActiveDen and been on the forums pretty actively which may also help.

Another thing is cross selling your items in your live previews.

Watch Brandon (MakeDesignNotWar) as he does a great job of this and is making a busload of ‘gold’ and now he’s even got himself a sweet little blue steel badge!

Also, make sure and update your older activeden files since they rolled out new options for what versions of Flash will open the file(s). I have bhad quite a few more flash sales this past two weeks by simply updating that my older Flash Files made with Flash 8 will open with CS, CS2 , CS3, etc.

Everybody, especially the Top Authors, need to remain optimistic and productive.

Hard Work = A Profit.

So, keep it up.

Heck, most of the Authors here even buy stuff we can’t figure out how to make off the jump and the community self-sustains in part because we’re like 300k strong now.

That’s huge and I will add it’s nice that Collis & Cyan don’t simply jump ship and sellout so we must also keep them excited about being on the same team.

Look at Mint.com and they got sold.

Don’t know about everyone else here, but they make pretty awesome founders ya know?

Don’t the sell the farm Collis!

Keep it up.

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enough with the self promotion posts man, geeezzzzzz :|

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I am glad to see that the marketplaces are doing well and most of all that the growth still has plenty of potential, I would love to see another massive give away like the birthday bundle. Anyway congrats and keep up the good stuff!

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enough with the self promotion posts man, geeezzzzzz :|

:D And I’ve never even heard of flash CS and CS2 :P

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^ It’s funny that people still think that they can promote in the forums. With the forums no longer on the home page, it’s really just a waste of time now.