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TF buyers,

As most of you are aware – authors are not strictly required to provide support, we do so from our own time and sometimes our own money.. so when asking for support please save us AND you the time and effort by helping us first to help you!

It’s good practise to gather as much info you can about your issue, whereby screenshots and code samples are greatly appreciated!

Trust me, you are a lot more likely to receive a quick response (or a response at all) if you make the effort to help us first to help you.

I, personally, am growing increasingly more tired of waking up in the mornings to one-line emails like “I tried to install the theme and I’ve got an error”, and then getting follow-up emails in the afternoon to complain that I haven’t responded, when I could really use a copy-and-paste of the exact error message so I know what we’re dealing with.. this is just one example of many, and it’s becoming insanely tedious to have to ask for screenshots and code… so please try to be smart about your emails if you really want good support, ‘cause this is a two-way street.