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Hi, I’m new to “Themeforest” and have recently submitted my first item and is accepted. I’m getting sales but I’m wonder about buyer rating. I’ve not yet received any rating about my first item. A) How the rating system works? B) And what kind of buyers leave rating? C) Is there any way to know who bought my item with some detail?

And one an other question but irrelevant to this thread: D) Is there any way to change the category of item?

:) Proedayan

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Hi! The reality is:

A) A user just click in the stars they think the item deserves, almos times a not fair rating because users expect from you a ultra fast and free support, modifications and new features also.

B) The buyers that aren’t satisfied will with all the sure rate your item, sure that some users will say a thank you for you with a 5/4 stars…

C) No, you only will have access when the users post a comment and when they send a message for you by your Profile…

D) You can try ask to a reviewer – they usually are nice, changing the name of the item for example and things like this…

To get high ratings, work hard to send a 100% item, fix the bugs as fast as you can, reply all the comments at the page item (this will increase your sales) and sure, reply to support requests.

Cheers, Rafael