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Just seeing that bsa have removed a lot of sites from there listing because these sites have low traffic.

Sites have been removed without any warning(emails to the owners of these sites).

The rejection email says that a site must have at least 50.000 views, but there listing shows sites with 20.000 views.

We have used bsa for some time now but because of this action we are looking for a better way, because a couple of site with low traffic has been removed, the bad part is that these sites have been generating income with BSA for some time now.

Anybody any good idea’s for an replament tool?

Just our 2 cents :)

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I’ve been trying to signup to bsa for years.. for my non-design site and they always decline me, even though my traffic is huge.

I’m now using oiopublisher.com, you keep 100% advertising revenues to yourself.

Multiple payment gateways, inline ads, text links, banner ads, subscription, affiliate, stats.. api key to link your website to their marketplace for advertisers to see.

It’s THE BEST replacement tool!