Call for freelance : themes templates for video-on-demand (VOD/sVOD)

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Hi all,

I’m currently working on a project, a software to sell streaming video-on-demand (VOD/sVOD).

This software is using PrestaShop, with a video-on-demand module. This way, anyone who need to sell its video content (like tutorials, or video producer), can set-up his own shop and sell its video content on demand.

As developper, I made all the software, but I need to have one template for front-office. A good looking template, responsive (HTML5/CSS3), for a professionnal shop. And if template is nice, more templates for differents theme should be asked (like a theme for “sport coaching”, one for “education”, or one for “70’ movies”, etc).

Right now, what I need:
  • full responsive theme (HTML5/CSS3, media queries, smartphone support)
  • professionnal, fresh and creative theme
  • oriented shop sellers (categories of products, product sheet, cart to pay, list of orders, best sales, etc)
  • oriented video-on-demand (dematerialize products, no quantities, no carriers system, video page player)
  • neutral theme (should be ok for every kind of shop)
  • creative freelance (make propositions or ideas to improve specs)
What I don’t need:
  • NO PrestaShop skills or dynamic integration, only static theme (dynamic part will be done by ourselves)

I’m asking on this forums cause I can’t find any theme for video-on-demand online shop on ThemeForests existing items.

I don’t still have final specs, but we will give you specifics details (mockups, number of pages, features needed).

And as a start-up, we are poor and don’t have many money for a first theme… :’(

But the goal is to find an interested and professionnal freelance to make more themes over long term (various kind of shop theme will be needed). If you can for begining make us a good price, then we should be able to pay your for many other themes in future.

If you are interrested, I can send you more details about the project, please contact me at

Thanks to all community!

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Hey there! Please contact me via my profile page.