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Yeah but why not to do that?
Cause it would imply lack of basic imagination?

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Yeah, but probably it is a baaaaad idea. I mean it is easy titled a project “Corporate Logo” but maybe there are hundreds of projects with the same name.

As another example, I prefer titled a project “Colorful Fast Shapes – Logo Reveal” than “Shapes Logo” because IMO the first name it’s gonna make the item stand out from the other (in terms of naming). While in this give example all the items at first tend to just melt together because their same name.

It is just my opinion. :grin:

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MotionRevolver STAFF SAYS Technically, yes, items can have the same names, but that doesn’t cover all situations. For example, we probably have dozens of projects called “Corporate Logo”, which is an extremely generic and nondescript title. So if you named your project “Corporate Logo”, chances are it wouldn’t cause any problems – other than the possibility of the project getting lost among the dozens of other projects with the same name.

However, if we already had a project on the marketplace with a very specific name such as “Munich Disko Dance Logo”, and someone uploads an item with that exact same name, there might be a violation there and we would probably ask the author to change the name to something else.