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I am currently the developer who is developing the WordPress site for a client. He has elected to use the Spike theme from Theme Forest which he has purchased and the espresso event management plugin.

I am using wordpress, however the plugin is giving me some issues. I have done a report. Should you wish access to the site , please make direct contact with Me

mY main problem is if you insert the event information into the theme, the way it displays is great and that the look the client wants, but the information from the registrations and pricing etc from the espresso theme does not pull through for you to get the stats and figures you he wants. However iF you do this all in espresso you will achieve this, however the look is not ideal. We intend to be adding on more plugins related to espresso and would strongly appreciate your assistance and complete transparency with regards to this claim.

Here are some links to read through.

http://eventespresso.com/topic/help-i-just-moved-site-to-a-linux-server-running-php-5-3-and-now-ee-breaks-it/ http://eventespresso.com/requirements/

Here is his current package , could you please advise on the compatibility or assistance as to why this is happening. Also I don’t see and htaccess file.

In addition we had a new user added to the site which we did not add, how would they gain access to the site when they security to malicious activity, please see screen shots attached. How did this jlhy8001 gain access to this site.

Do you think the htaccess file was edited. . Please advise soonest Regards Shashika

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Hi Shashika,

You may ask your question from the author of the item which you’ve purchased. Please find your item then go to Support tab and ask your question there.

Please also do not submit your posts with ALL CAPS titles!


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I am currently the developer who is developing the WordPress site for a client.