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Hi everyone!

First off, I’m happy to see that you are trusting Gaia as a solid foundation to build upon. To be clear, the license change is to prevent people from selling the Gaia Framework itself, not works derived from it, as what is happening on FlashDen. I may have to change the license again to restrict that properly, but it is not my intention to negatively impact your ability to make money using Gaia as a foundation.

While not part of the license agreement, it is beneficial to include all of the files that Gaia generates, including the project.gaia (and prior to 3, gaia.xml) files.

Primarily, it makes your projects compatible with the Gaia panel, which is important if users want to add pages or do other Gaia-centric actions, such as byte accurate preloading, testing projects, etc.. Also, the version of Gaia you used when you released your package can easily be updated to the latest version. Without the Gaia project files, the panel cannot import those projects, and therefore your customers cannot use the tool built around the underlying framework.

If you’re going to use Gaia as a foundation, considering how much time Gaia saves you and how much it enables you to generate income for yourself here, I would appreciate your inclusion of the Gaia project files in that it may result in Gaia panel donations for me. Your customers also have a support forum dedicated to the underlying technology your products are built upon, which is a benefit to you, as well.

Just so you’re aware, various FlashDen customers have been emailing me directly and sending me PMs on the forum about specific code built on top of Gaia in your packages, and I cannot provide support for them on code I did not write. If you could provide your contact information for support, that would help them get the help they need from the person who can help the most, you. :)

Thanks again for your support of Gaia!

Sincerely, Steven Sacks, author Gaia Framework
One more thing, it would be great if you could update your packages to the latest version of Gaia (3.1.0 at the time of this posting) if they are using Gaia 3.x or above. Packages using 2.5 and prior are fine to leave as is.

Thanks for clearing that up for everyone Steven, and continued success in all your endeavours :)

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thx the info.
thx Steven Sacks.