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I’ve touched on this before but nothing really came of it. I seem to remember that Envato is using Amazon’s CDN, however things aren’t as good as they should be. For example, I’m currently downloading an ~800MB file at about 200KB/sec, which is no doubt going to take forever, therefore delaying work. My kick-ass connection (well, kick-ass in New Zealand anyway!) is capable of 20 megabytes per second download, i.e. about 160 megabits per second downlink. Has Envato looked at improving download speeds?

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Hey there.

I was wondering the same things, and so tried an experiment a couple of weeks ago.

I haven’t bought items on the marketplaces, though as an author you can download your own files.

So, I timed me downloading a 200mb VideoHive project at peak time in the UK.

When I later tried it at night time, it was considerably quicker.

Meaning, that I reckon that it all depends on where you are around the world, and at what time you attempt to download your files.

However, with this being an international marketplace, I wondered how it could have been possible that it was quicker in the evenings, when it was peak time somewhere else in a different time zone.

After doing more research, and even contacting Amazon, they said that there are hundreds of different servers throughout the world which they are using, and so I was correct about time of day.

Summary: try downloading your items at night time.

Hope all of this information is helpful!

Sam :)