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Hi all,

Firstly, I hope I am posting in the correct place. I’m fairly new to Themeforest and am extending my work from Wordpress to incorporate Opencart as options for selling e-commerce sites.

I’ve been looking through some of the fantastic themes that are available and it becomes an obvious choice that for the circa $40 they charge for a theme, it will take a lot of work out of the process for me. Because there is quite a variety of themes available, I am hoping to be able to ‘showcase’ 2 or 3 themes as options for my clients to choose from. Without having confirmed sales, I’d ideally like to not have to pre-purchase the themes (knowing that I will never re-sell that particular license).

What are peoples opinions on asking developers if they would allow me to use their themes within a strict set of perameters, on the basis that any sales I get from it will in turn lead to license sales for them? I can’t imagine I’m the first person to ask this, but don’t want to appear rude or ignorant.

Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


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Why not just share the demo URL?

There is no way an author is going to give you an operational copy of theme whatever the “strict set of parameters”. Unfortunately while your request might be genuine there are a lot of “less honest” people out there who would just exploit the hell out of any opportunity like that.