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I was waiting for this topic to pop up :P Was following this camera since its origin some months ago. Its a true step for independent film makers as its a dream for us to shoot raw at that budget.


I have canon 60d and 600d (which is cheap but better for movie). As I see MarkIII and recenly anounced 6D not much improvement for video. Thinking to switch someday to Blackmagic unless Canon do some breakthrough.

Best Regards, Andrey

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Envato team

I can’t wait for the Black Magic camera, I thought it had been released already and went to B&H to pester the guys into letting me play with one. Unfortunately they’re not expecting to have them in stock until after the new year. Thinking about saving up to get one sometime in Jan/Feb.

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the usability of this camera looks like a pain in the lower parts.

found a good review here

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That is a really excellent and in-depth review. I’d advise anyone to spend the 45 minutes watching it.

I don’t see how the usability is a pain in the lower parts at all though. Seems fairly standard fare for a digital camera. RED ’s not exactly a walk in the park either.

The chip size is a bit of weirdness regarding lenses, but we knew that already. If you’re hiring it as part of a kit (which at around $80 a day for the body, I’d recommend unless you shoot very, very regularly) it’ll almost certainly include all the stuff you need to make it workable.

I agree with Mr. Bloom though, that if they can make a Super 35 chip version of this camera, it may take over the world. :-)