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This is Christmas and actually its not an evil idea to create or buy things for others instead yourself. There is a big difference in between BUY ans SHOPPING . I do buy things. I dont care about the red SALE bullshits. Because if i dont need something or i have an another idea to buy something to someone, im not going to buy anything just because its half price or so.

An another thing. If you dont want to buy from the big companies, then go and buy from real people. Real butchers, real bakers, from real people on the marketplace. And buy things what you or your family really need it, and not stupid things.

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Sorry, I assumed with ‘evil’ corps you meant the big retailers – never saw a small one-man ‘evil’ corp but yeah, in america everything is possible I guess.

No problem. For the record, I shop at both big retailers and small retailers. The point I was trying to make by emphasizing the word “evil” was that I don’t believe that all big companies are evil (like the article implied). In fact, right now we’re having a conversation at one of the largest stock companies in the world. And most would agree this place is pretty awesome! :)

And it is exactly that behaviour I dislike so much. Buying stuff you don’t need, buying stuff to keep the economy running. Your presidents keep telling you that BS and you believe it. OK, anyway – that’s nothing what should be discussed here. I’m off…

It’s clear what you’re driving at. And you’re right, it’s probably not appropriate to talk about it here. All I can say is I only offered my personal opinion. And I respect that not everyone is going to share the same opinion.

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I don’t have money so evenif I want to buy an iphone bla bla bla, I just can’t . So , buy nothing until 2013 ;)

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I didnt read all… this thread but am I the only one who find it is weird to talk about “not buying” at a marketplace? If my clients dont buy my templates, I ll not be able to pay some bills… Dont think as amateurs, think as pros.

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and so Christmas is cancelled :P