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Great Update! Everything is Much More Clearer Now!

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Maybe in the future would be better to use an expert system, a simple step-by-step shopping assistance guide using questions (where each question depends on the previous answer) to assist in which license to buy.
that would be cool. Besides the purchase button, a button with “Not sure which license to pick?” that brings you to some basic questions of how the item will be used.

no other buttons should be near the purchase button. Once someone decided to purchase you need to let him do it. If you introduce an element of doubt (a button that creates confusion) they may chose to not purchase after all.

Especially if your button say “Not sure which license to pick?” This implies that the buyer don’t know something. No one likes to be told they don’t know a certain thing.

Even if they really don’t know and even if they are perfectly aware about this, people still get upset when is implied that they don’t know something. Yes, even if they are the only one to see the message.

You put that button near the Purchase button and you got troubles

I agree. we should get rid of all the licensing nonsense and just let the people buy and do whatever they want. Once they decided to purchase, we have to let them do! lol

I still think such an expert system would be good and should be easy to find.

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Thank you for making this simpler, it was very confusing to many customers.

I think that in the row below:

“Number of end products: 1”

you could also add:

“Number of domains: 1”

This is only one additional row in the license table (and it existed in the previous version of the table), but the information would be much more clear.

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“Number of domains: 1”

the problem here is (at the moment) all the different marketplaces share the same license text. so “domains” does not make sense for something like an audiojungle or photodune or 3docean purchase.

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Please explain me one thing. What does it mean: “Use in an end product that’s sold – NO”? It means that I can’t I buy template/graphic, customize it and sell for example website for one client?

In details I can read: “You can’t Sell the End Product, except to one client.” – so here the license allow to sell for one client.

Can someone explain it?

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Envato team

Thanks for the suggestion infortis — I’ll take it back to the license team, but I think dtbaker makes a good point about universal applicability.

@RadekCode, I think “Use in an end product that’s sold – NO” is best explained by the text above the table, i.e.,:

If your end product including the item is going to be free to the end user then a Regular License is what you need. An Extended License is required if the end user must pay to use the end product.

Does that help?