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Over the last few week i have been going through all the wordpress themes on the site and i have yet to find one that meets my needs, i find one that have 90% of what i want.

So my question is this say i found a theme that has nearly everything i want, but on the right hand side instead of having say a flickr block with images from filckr could I instead have a panel with space for adverts.

I never used wordpress so I don’t know how easy or hard things are going to be!

I want the following on my site will want space for advert on most pages

  • home
  • blog
  • about us
  • portfolio with sub levels
  • freebies gallery
  • tutorials
  • contact us
  • If you feel you site would fit these need or be easy to change to fit these need feel free to contact me through my portfolio, I done a lot of looking but I am sure there a lot of site I have missed.

    I am also happy to pay to get change that are out of my technical reach!

    Many thanks