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Hi folks,

I was curious if there is an option to spawn light emitters like particles in Cinema4d. So instead of particles they are just lights, and of course a way to manipulate there path with standard physics. I am sure you can imagine the possibilities with this if you bring it to after effects.

I asked this question a couple years back to Felt_tips and i know he answered me, i couldn’t find the mail back tho :( And in the meanwhile i totally forgot the trade of 3d.

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I’ve just seen the topic, anyway, you can take light (or if you need multiple lights, put them all in null object), and then put it inside particle emitter, it should do the trick.

Note.. if your particle count is too high, not all lights will be visible in editor, but they will be visible when you render.

Also, if you want to manipulate them with physics engine, maybe you could put them inside cube with rigidbody tag, and then make the cube invisible.

Or you can just use particle effectors.