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my name is sunu and i am new on envato.

i read the agb and the “clarification about licence” from envato. but how such things work in practice? especially if you give the costumer all “basic-files” like .psd or you make a powerpoint template?

on 01. april you put it online -> somebody buy it for 20$ -> change colors, size, and some other changings and SAVE IT A NEW file – and on the same day you have a second powerpoint template from another artist.

how can i verify, that this template was mine? please dont tell me its only the date…you put it online first, so it must be yours…. that cant be a basic to verify copyrights?

how that work in the practise? how you handle that?


ps: i dont have much experience in such cases and i don´t want to be unpolite in my first thread, but if i check .psd/ powerpoint/ html/css/wordpress themes – here on envato – then it seems – that it is a common practice to “buy” cheap – items “change” the files and “resell” it again – without punishing. cause it is not possible for the “copyrighter” or envato to detect – is that the same item or not.

and the licence agreement + terms and conditions are nice to read, but really somebody (artist) take care of it?

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Envato team

You are forgetting about the review times. No item is “just accepted” it goes through a queue, a review process > the date of the “theft-version” will hence be much later than the original.

Regarding your second observation, I’m not really sure if I need to mention that it’s purely subjective. Any case in which a DMCA has been properly filed and verified against an infringing item will lead to it’s disablement and on repeated offense to account termination, so perhaps if you notice this to be such a “widespread” practice, you wouldn’t mind to contact me through my profile page and point some fingers, so I can check it out? ;) Also, in such cases it’s best to open a ticket with Support at http://support.envato.com and provide all the available details in order to get advice on the matter.

Hope this helps :)