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Hey guys , recently my theme got soft disabled on the fact that theme check was taking over 30 seconds to test the theme. I would really like a clarification why this is a requirement factor as the time taken depends on factors such has number of files ( including css ,sass , js) and processor speed of Reviewers MAC or PC not that theme has bugs .

1. Simply when sass files are present in theme folder, the number of test cases increases you can see here
and without sass files
. It has nothing to do with wp standards ?
2. I can make it clock under 20 seconds by adding all code in lesser files but that goes against re usability .. I want framework to be flexible and want frontend code to be in templating form.

3. Neither in themeforest requirements or wp guidelines it is mentioned that if theme check takes more than 30 seconds theme is not complaint.

I dont mean to rant I love the standards , I would appreciate a response on why this is being counted as a requirement.