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I’m writing this only for authors or theme creators interested in a humble client’s opinion. I’m not gonna name anyone here, even if I had some bad past experiences.

I always had a problem with content or image sliders, but because of my lack of time or proper knowledge of the English language, I never could express my opinions 100% the way I wanted.

Until today when I was browsing HackerNews for new jQuery plugins and came across this. http://conversionxl.com/dont-use-automatic-image-sliders-or-carousels-ignore-the-fad/

What I wanted to say is this:

1. Problem – Image carousels aren’t really that useful. Yeah they look nice in demos and theme previews, but most clients actually never use them. But if we really have to use them, well I’d like to see them actually be useful and not use external plugins.

Solution – instead of providing 6 image sliders, try providing one single solution with as many options as possible (must be able to turn off autoplay and work in fullwidth or fullscreen mode, since everybody these days wants a HBO -looking website, with a slideshow on the background)

2. Problem – If the clients actually don’t like to use them at all, I would like something else to replace the slideshow on the homepage.

Solution – few authors on TF do this, but it would be nice to see others provide it as well. Please provide a layout manager for the front-page. Don’t rely solely on widgets, cause most of the time they’re clunky and not that permissive. And if you do decide to provide a widget-powered front-end, please provide some usable widgets by default. If you’d worked in a Web-Design company you’d know that most of its clients are other businesses themselves. So generic widgets for “Special Offers”, “Discounts”, “Product features/descriptions”, “Get in Contact”, “Social profile features”etc would be actually useful.

Many of authors around here provide Image slideshow solutions with a powerful backend where slides can be managed. All I’m asking is that instead of cramping all those slides in a small box where they’re presented one after the other (and most clients never actually click the slideshow, I can prove that with Google Analytics or Piwik), it would be easier to have the slides spread across the homepage in preset positions. Probably not that difficult to implement/adapt.

Thank you for listening, sorry for the complaining.

PS: You, authors, and TF, would still remain my top solution for my company’s themes regardless.

PPS : Most elite authors can ignore this since they already have a similar front-end management system in place and their slideshow solutions are extremely customizable.