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Could anyone recommend a admin template as a client manager for a multimedia agency? My company develops websites, apps, and basically anything digital. We also create flyers and media of that type. We would like an admin template so our clients may login and track their payments and services. If your thinking “why not just create one, since this is what you do?” it is because we are too busy to focus on this project, and our clients come first!

I would like the template to have:

- client profiles, so we may keep track of their personal info; such as credit cards, social links, godaddy info, etc. Example here

- chat so our clients may speak with our representatives quickly. Example here

- a ticket system so our clients may submit request for their projects. Example here

- a way to assign our designers to services/task. Example here

- a way for the clients to connect and share ideas with other clients.

- a way for my company to track our finances.

- a way to allow our clients to upgrade or downgrade their hosting packages by us. Example here, click on the button in the far top right corner.

Thanks in advance Kind regards

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I would have to look into it, but please contact me on hayatuzair@gmail.com and I would see what I can do.