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bitfade said
have a mail filter to handle this situations: each first support request mail containing the “refund” keyword gets redirected to my highest priority folder (/dev/null)
Gold star for you!
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PrimaThemes said
GopalDasa said
He is a really stupid! He should know that PayPal does not provide refund for ” Digital Products ”.

No, you are wrong. Paypal doesn’t provide “Seller Protection” for Digital Products. So, he can request Paypal to refund the money, he can use “unauthorized account use” reason, (i know it is unreasonable) and in 99% cases, Paypal trust the buyer and give him refund… It is sad but it is true…

This is from my “nightmare” experience when I sold WP theme at other marketplace, more than 50% buyers asked refund from Paypal directly… This kind of people only buy my theme, pay using paypal, download theme file, and ask refund to paypal, WITHOUT ANY COMMUNICATION WITH US !!! So, they can get my products for free!!!

That’s why I love ThemeForest. I don’t need to spend my times to fight with Paypal problem…

I did have one experience with ThemeForest buyer. He asked refund, and I said, please contact ThemeForest support… Then he only said, “Go to hell!!! I will ask refund from Paypal directly…” And I can only give my smile to him and move on… ;)

I understand! If he claims it as ” unauthorized account access ”, then this can be case for him to get the refund, but if he claims it as he just wants refund for digital delivery product or whatever, then he wont get it if themeforest responds to paypal whenever case is opened.

I have personal experience with dealing such buyers, and who claimed for refund thru paypal for my service, but when I responded to paypal, then case went in my favor. I also have experience to loose 1000s of dollars for unauthorized cards payment for my service, but anyway, polices are changed by paypal frequently.

I even have experience to loose $450 thru paypal when I got fake product instead of real, and seller scammed me, so overall it was alot of crap of paypal.

Few months back I have discussed with my Amex card department about how all these refund works, and what I have understood, whenever I am paying for digital product, then I am taking high risk if I get any crap product.

Anyway, glad to see, themeforest department does not have much refund/unauthorized payment issue. or may be, they just pay all the unauthorized payments to author from their own pocket. Because when it comes to service level, then there has been alot of credit card fraud.