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It’s been about 2 years since I’ve joined Eden.cc and now better known as the Envato.com network of sites.

I once came up with the idea to allow authors to coolaborate with one another in order to make better apps, files, templates, etc. and the “Team Profile” got deleted.


I have been on the phone with PayPal and am actively pursuing a way to allow authors to “Team Up” to make new works.

Please help me as I try to invent a solution that will allow us to make new “Team based Projects” that we can upload for sale that will ultimately increase the # of sales of quality of work produced on the Envato network.

Obviously, we have talented people.

The best in the world so to Type.

So, the solution needed for increased performance and products is collaborations.

No matter how hard each “1” of us work to produce Top Selling files, there can only be one each week/month/etc.

I appreciate all feedback from all One Hundred & Sixty some-odd Thousand of you to help boost progress toward more innovative design/development as Touch Screen Apps become more prevalent online.

Cheers, Sean – Flash_Cart 8-)

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That’s a nice idea, and it would be a cool function. Especially with artists with more experience in one subject (E.g. for designers with skill in Photoshop but not coding or vice versa.)

How can it be achieved though? It’s going to take a whole new system on Themeforest to make it fair. And it needs to be pretty transparent so that the system can work legally and fairly as well.

How is it going to be posted? How is the profit going to be shared (Sometimes one artist does more work than the other).

What if one team member desides to steal the ideas and post their own files?

Great idea, I’m just thinking of the possibilities.

Cheers, Q (Creative32)

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I like this idea too. I’m very good at coding. But graphics are not my thing.

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It sounds as a great idea, one i’d love to be part of.

If there’s anything at all i can do, please get in touch ;)

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That would be an awesome feature.

I just learned HTML /CSS so I can do all my theme alone and sell them here but that would be nice to team up with someone so he can code my theme in Wordpress + Support for people who buy the theme. I would give some % of my profit for every sale.