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After spending a good chunk of my holidays looking at a huge number of beautiful templates here – (None of which hit the nail on the head – did find a number of possible and workable templates) I have noticed a shortage of Themes for Computer Consultants and/or Computer Repair Techs. (If I’m Looking – Other techs are looking too).
I know themes can be modified – etc. for a wide variety of businesses. I can do a decent amount of tweaking – etc. I have very limited graphics and “artsy” skills so finding decent looking replacement graphics to alter templates is frustrating to say the least. – So I would Really appreciate seeing more templates for techs. and non-Design folks in the computer industry.

To help you help me -> Things I specifically look for in a template/Current Dream list:
(Yes, I know everyone has a different list – and you can’t please everybody all the time).
Top Menu – Not side menu.
FAQ’s Page (Expanding – Accordion type List – love jquery features)
Sitemap (think I saw someone use a php script that auto updates it on here)
A Map On the Contact Page. (Input area shaded).
A “Contact feature” on every page besides on menu.
Full Screen width – like some Photo templates have :) – love the translucent text boxes.
Full width text (Or offer full width in addition to sidebar – Not a fan of sidebars – can work around it – if needed)
Price Sheet (not the 3 column compare type)
Download a pdf of the price sheet (graphic) on every page.
Like multiple color choices.
A page showing H1, H2, Block quotes, buttons, tabs, – etc. – Super helpful
Would like add comment feature – (outside of Blog area).

I don’t advertise “Hosting”.
I don’t touch Wordpress (Or like sites) Prefer X/HTML/PHP.

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i am interested. mail me at graphicspencil@hotmail.com