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(it’s a bug and happens sometime)

never to me unfortunately :(

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I don’t know about exposure, but in the last week I’m selling about twice as much (yes 200% really) than other months. I don’t know if that’s for the redesign, but at least I haven’t added any new files in the last two months so that can’t be it. Though as iceonflames says maybe they can replace the ‘marketplace-switcher’ explanation on the bottom with the old file box.
may be you don’t know your Carousel file was placed in the front page last week (it’s a bug and happens sometime) which explain the boost of sale :)

Nope, that can’t explain it fully, because that happened 5th of october but my sales are booming at least since 1st. Maybe it’s some kind of weird coincidence. :) still happy though :P

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I totally agree flasher especially when the file was clearly shite
I noticed this too. Even with the worst item had random good comments. They either have real bad tastes or just spamming over to get some visibility.

Listen to this, then. On my first file, I didn’t fully understand full-screen preview and I messed up in the .html file. This made it so that users could not even view my preview. Some people pointed it out and Adrien (I believe) fixed it for me right away (Thanks!). Before he did so, though, someone had already posted ‘nice’. This just shows how much people actually look at the file before spamming it. ;)

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I don’t know why but from the redesign I’m not looking much at the All files tab, I was there few times but everything is different then it was, and It’s so big….I just get scared and run away ;D

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there were 3-4 users who would do this on every file, no matter what the file was they would be the first people to make a comment :(