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Jeffrey I really appreciate you looking into this and resolving the issue – I have to be honest it’s really been very personal – it’s like being called a thief, and it hurts – however, I want to state that my issue was not with themeforest.net – I understand that if someone reports they immediately take off the market place – I would do the same if I ran the site – then follow up – this goes to prove though that yes, we need to have something maybe a little better in place and I am seriously looking into ways of safeguarding my designs in the future with several ideas (some of which I can’t say or they wouldn’t work – but some I will share once I try them out for everyone and I invite anyone with ideas to post here as it can all be taken into consideration.

I want to thank several users of the site for their emails today and words of encouragement – it meant a great deal.

I have put on hold 2 templates I was going to submit until I can be sure I have some security measures in place of my own – and hopefully some forthcoming guidelines for authors from Envato.

Thanks again.

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It’s good everything is alright now (or isn’t it? :P )

As some protection for this kind of stuff, I do the following:

In my photoshop Preferences, I have checked the box that makes sure it keeps a log of EVERYTHING I do (details, and all), so .PSD’s are protected :).
I once read you can’t copyright CSS code, but I always have a big comment block on top and at the bottom of my CSS files, stating I created the file, version, date, and client.
And as I do with CSS , I do with PHP and HTML , I put (small and big) comment blocks in them stating it’s mine.

ps: I’ve got to say, I’ve always loved your files :)