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My company http://www.praiaambiente.pt/ is looking to change its online image. The current site is somewhat basic and is lacking a robust backend for content management at our end and an appealing image and a more friendly experience to the user.

Our area of activity is in waste management and water distribution / sanitation.

Having searched the market for companies similar to ours and with an appealing online presence. We found that http://www.valorambiente.pt/ presents the kind of site that we would like to implement.

As such, we are looking for a current theme / new theme that fits our needs. We have the site structure laid out already (witch will be sent to any parties that are interested in working with us).

There are some base points that need to be addressed:

1. We are a Portuguese language company, although we don’t need the site template to be in English, it needs to be easily translated by us.

2. The basic structure is very similar to the http://www.valorambiente.pt/ site. that is, a home page with a news slider below a horizontal navigation menu. Below the slider several content areas with images that link to information pages that we want to pull user attention to. And a poll / etc. sidebar area.

We prefer a soft color scheme along the lines of the http://www.valorambiente.pt/ site.

3. We need a client area with registering of new users and log in. This area will govern access to the functions such as user submitting water meter usage, having access to waste collection cost tables, and other information/services.

4. The backend must be robust / feature rich and easy to use. A system like wordpress or drupal is preferred, tho we are not looking for a blog with comments, etc.

5. Cost is a major factor, if you have an existing theme that you can alter to fit our needs, leaving the graphic design / logos to us… its not a problem, as long as the process is made straightforward to us.

Time is of the essence, and we need initial contacts / costs, by Thursday

João Cunha

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Joao, I can definitely help you build a solid back-end for your corporate website and meet all your points. I have experiences with working other foreign companies and creating content in foreign languages so we shouldnt have any problems.

Please send me a email to ashanster [at] gmail.com and we can talk more about your website.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Ashan Jay www.ashanjay.com

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Hi! I am PHP /Wordpress Developer with strong understanding of web design. I can help you.

I was involved into over 20 projects.Here are some of them:

- http://www.deltatx.com/ – Develop a website from the scratch. Team composed of developer and designer worked at this project (WordPress , Jquery , Photoshop CS4 ).

- http://oheon.com – Have created more than 100 templates, most of them are for WordPress.

- http://jurawatches.co.uk/ – Design integration in Magento eCommerce shop, bug-fixing, module development (PHP/MySQL/JavaScript/TinyMCE/OOP/HTML/CSS/Magento)

- http://thewatchgallery.co.uk/ – Design integration in Magento eCommerce shop, bug-fixing, module development (PHP/MySQL/JavaScript/TinyMCE/OOP/HTML/CSS/Magento)

- www.seduzioneattrazione.com – Integration of WordPress with IdevAffiliate (PHP/IdevAffiliate/MySQL/WordPress)

- more than 70 WordPress installations and customizations.

Except WordPress I have experience in working with CodeIgniter, Zend Framework, Joomla, Drupal, Magento.

I’m available 40+ hours a week and am able to start working immediately. Please let me know if I can be of service to you. We can discuss your projects over instant messengers (Yahoo, Gtalk, MSN , Skype) or phone. You can contact me directly or via Dmitriy Petrul. He is my account manager.

Skype: petrul_dn

Gmail: petrul.dn@gmail.com

Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Thanks in advance.

Yours faithfully,

Dmitry Stepanenko