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I’m looking for a clean, minimalist, well-thought out premium WordPress theme to display my work; which will include video, photography and static graphics and also serve as a blog where I can write tutorials.

There are tons of great looking themes out there that serve this purpose to a point, and it seems like the themes I’m finding that have all the bells & whistles as far as functionality goes are over-designed for what I’m looking for. They look great, but I want the focus to be on my work, not on the theme.

I work in the broadcast design field and so the videos I want to display will be motion graphics, either hosted on my own server or on Vimeo. Since I’m looking for a minimalist design with a lot of flexibility, I want the option to have the visitor click a thumbnail and have the video open over the current window with a minimum of controls (like the playback controls on Vimeo- clean, sleek).

Here’s what I would love to find if it exists:

Home page that has a few options for layout- either the ability to show one movie clip as my demo motion graphics reel with some widget columns underneath, or a page of blog entries sorted into columns from different categories, or a combo of both.

A blog page that focuses on a large rectangular image preview with a minimum of text intro, and then individual entries design that easily accommodates video or images.

And most importantly, the design would be very clean, minimalist, bold, maybe a little edgy.

Does anyone have any suggestions for a theme that sounds like it would fit what I need? I’ve been searching for months and doing plenty of homework, and I’m starting to think I either need to have someone make something from scratch or learn to do it myself- and I really don’t have time to learn to do it myself!

Thanks for any suggestions.