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hello community,

i try to make it short: first, i excuse myself to the envato team, cause i think – i cost them a lot of nerves.

ok and now comes the long part…

the crime story:

-> i am a new author

-> i upload my first powerpoint presentation theme to graphicriver: http://s7.directupload.net/file/d/3202/vinp8cw3_png.htm

-> like every new author i cant believe 5 reviewing days of waiting…and so i make some comments to that issue…

-> after 5 days i got an automaticly response from the reviewer – that my theme is nice, but the fonts do not hit the “style”

-> i was 100% sure my setup was ok. the problem with the fonts you have sometimes, cause you do not install the fonts correct, or you need to set the font manually in powerpoint. i wrote that to the reviewer.

-> no response from the reviewer.

-> appropriate to that fact i got more an more angry and also wrote that to the reviewer.., cause no communication is a horrible situation – and you feel helpless.

-> again no response from the reviewer, so i start to wrote the case with angry words in the forum…

-> after that i ask the staff to delete my message, cause i thought – maybe i am a little bit unfair

-> i wrote a new thread from a different perspective and asked the community what to do.

now comes the point sorry, for so much text till now…

-> i wanted to response to the community in my own thread – and get blocked…something like…you need to wait 10 minutes… – ok i waited 10, 20 min – 1 hour, 2 hours – nothing happens..

-> from that moment i couldn´t write anything inside the graphicriver forum.

-> you can imagine how happy i was: reviewing time, you need to overwork something, but do not know how, no response from the reviewer and you got blocked in the forum…perfect!

-> around 3 hours later and after 10 showers – i logged into my account – et voilá – i do not have access to my dashboard and settings. the sign in works perfectly – but for all other menu points, i come back to the homepage. if i click the sign in button, the text told me i am already logged in.

-> from that moment it was clear for me – after get blocked in the forum – they block also some areas of my account – now.

-> so i wrote a new message to the envato supporter team

-> lo and behold – brad – response really fast to me – with the answer: for him – from envato site – all looks perfect and all is working and if i already have that problem.

-> so i thought, ok maybe i make something wrong?

-> i make following – firefox, chrome, safari and opera get new installed. i clear all cookies. i delete the caches. i used different ip´s and dns to log in – i also checked everything with cc-clener + spybot + avira -NOTHING!

-> but the problem was the same: log in ok – use different areas inside my account – it was not possible.

-> and the most important – only on graphicriver i got that problem. all other competitor platforms i could log in and out and use everything normal.

-> after around 10 hours of searching – depression and suicidal thoughts i found something from MICROSOFT WINDOWS: Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool.

-> it took around 3 hours to check my complete system – with millions of files – and at the end – this tool found 1x virus/trojan

->i thought ok – absolute normal, but that little virus is something like malware and absolutely not the reason for my problem.

-> but: IT WAS! after deleting that little thing and restart my computer all works perfectly!

that 15 hours was the most horrible jorney in the last years, and the review for my template is still open. wish me the best – that it goes online before 2014 ^^.

why i wrote all this – and so long? cause that virus/trojan/malware – i only got on graphicriver – dont know when, dont know how – but only here on graphicriver – my usability was restricted – all other forums, platforms worked well.

and i am not sure now if my account is save now or not? maybe i should make a new account? but i dont want to lose my username: scortie

but otherwise if all the millions, which i earn here in the next month – goes to the russian mafia, cause that virus?

what do you think?


ps: the most important for you: i was so happy to fix the problem, that i forgot the virus name… sorry

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Hey there.

I’m really sorry that nobody has replied to your post. It seemed to have just gotten lots amongst all the other threads.

I would recommend that you either setup another support ticket with Envato, or tweet them and ask for some clarification about the safety of your account.

If and when you’re satisfied that your account is safe, you can continue to use it in the normal and appropriate manner.

I would also suggest that you change your password, and email address which are associated to your account.

For any more help on this topic, feel free to write it on this thread, as I’ve subscribed to it and will get emails of any new replies.

Thanks again for taking the time to write the post.

Sam :)

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Hi, SCORTIE…..you’ve got awful hours with this virus. A month ago I noticed that I can’t reply on my GR comments and I can’t sort my item on portfolio pages. But this is only in this combination Chrome & GraphicRiver. I have no problem in my PhotoDune account or when I use Firefox. I started a thread but obviously nobody except me has this problem. I’ll try to use this software to see the results on my system. Thank you for the info :)

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Thanks for the info, might help me in the future :)

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Hey Scortie,

Glad the situation is resolved now, but that’s bad news about the virus. In future, you can always flag your comment for staff reply in the forum, if you think it’s something we should look into. You can also put in a ticket to support and they will get back to you as soon as they can.