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Hi everyone, this post is about the lack of advanced options and available tools we could use to setup effective, same for every profile, cross promotional system


Why do we, as musicians, sound designers, composers have to worry about HTML code on our profiles when it comes to cross promotion? We would rather focus on making relevant content for the marketplace instead of enhancing its functionality, as this I believe should be in place from the very beginning.

Our profiles can either look good, work good or both. But some of them are completely blank.. With some basic html we can make it look fine, but are we really the qualified bunch to make decisions on how to guide the buyer around our profiles? It is our profile Envato, but on your face.

Imagine what happens when buyer who is new to the site, stumbles upon a great looking profile with all bells and whistles, has some idea of the way things work, he gets used to them and expects to see them on all profiles but then what? he is confused cause the next author simply does not give a damn..

This lack of consistency could possibly drive some of the buyers away, cause I can imagine the frustration that goes on in the buyers head while struggling through different profiles and different approaches to functionality on those profiles…some have arrows, some pics, some just plain links and the list goes on and on…

Buyers should be sked to learn one way to do it and thats it..

So what Im saying is, leave the text, aesthetics and personal touch to us, but promote your advanced and seamless way of navigation and cross promotion for the buyers sake.


Release appropriate templates and let us know we can use it. :)


Cause the existing system of suggestions and cross promotion is somewhat not there yet

It looks nice and clean but its not enough for most of us. It pushes some of us to make links ourselves, but again…from the buyers perspective, the big picture is just a one big jungle mess.