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I am looking for someone who can complete the following task;

Online customer standalone credit ‘check’ history reporting system for a medium sized Australian based Transport company.

To allow my customers and my staff to log in and report on any of me/their customers based on the knowledge that the customer pays their accounts on time (if more than 30 days a lower score offered and so forth), whether its a glowing report and rating or even to suggest the customer is a slow payer. If the customer is marked as a slow payer and over time becomes more reliable or visa versa, I’d like to see the average score adjust automatically.

Customers will be able to signup themselves or be allocated an account from Admin however “admin” must be able to approve all new accounts. Also Admin will be allerted to any new account requests and credit score submisions via email.

Anyone who is added or signs up (upon approval of course), I would like their email to be added to a monthly mailing list where a status email will be issued as well as other information which can only be added/deleted/edited etc by Admin.

An Online Administrattion terminal where ‘admin’ have complete control over any result posted and a “Public” search facility to offer and overall average score for the customer that is being searched. While the score will be visable, who and what was said regarding that report will not be visable, Only visable to the persom whom submitted the credit report and admin.

The idea is to offer my customers a way to check if their ‘new’ customers can be trusted with an account or if they can not be trusted based on other customers reports and score.

some features;

Store and search Customers Business name, Address, All contact details, (telephone, mobile, fax, email, web addy etc) Length of time customer in business ABN/ACN number

Contact Name and numbers for each customer, some customers has various departments so this would need to accomodate either one or many entries

Credit Card processing form, only to collect the information and email to specific email addy (allowing customers to pay theie outstanding account)

Ability to upload MYOB invoice file (TXT file) and each invoice will be attached to each customers account, showing what’s due, the due date and offer methods of payment, (cheque, Bank transfer, credit card) allowing customers to view/pay their accounts, also showing a billing history. Once the system understands the invoice DUE date, and see’s when the customer has paid their account, I would like the system to automatically assign a rating. this is an addition to what other customers have to say about them.

Download section for customers, certain files for certain customers only for example each customer has a different price structure, I would like that pricing structure to be availble to them if and when they login.

Ability to have my company logo, address and other contact details visable at all times.

Allow customers to contact the office via their login, Help ticket system, to either submit a transport booking or freight, or accounts or general assistance.

Ability for ADMIN only to upload files to certains customers, ie their pricing structure

I would prefer a module like system, where I can obtain additional addons as ideas arise. Eventually I would like to be able to charge people to obtain a copy of the credit reports submitted, so that option would need to be available but default ‘off” for the time being.

Preferred database, MySQL, site hosted on Linux system (go daddy)

I am sure there will be more features and they come to light, what I have mentioned here is a rough idea I have been thinking about for a little while and I would appreciate hearing from someone who can estimate the cost to produce such a system.