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I have already instaled and modified my Daisho WP template. It’s fantastic, but I need to modify some characteristics, and I have some questions..

You can check the modified version (I’m working on that) here

1 – The theme has 2 headers: one with all the elements and one with only some of these elements. Originally, the simple header is showed and used in the Blog and Portfolio pages. I want to delete this simple header and use everywhere the full version. How I can do this?

2 – Related with the question one, in the same pages (portfolio items, and blog pages), the web opens in pop up with transparency, over the index page. I want to eliminate this js “pop up”. I want that the portfolio items and the blog page will be open in a normal window. With a normal href.

3 – I positioned the categories on mi portfolio at the header of the website (you can check it here The filter goes fantantisc, but I want this filter in all the website pages. Can I mantain the filter in all the pages? and when a user clicks one category it goes to the index page and do the filter?

Thanks for your time, Alberto

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I’m sorry if I wasn’t clear – I meant OUR support forum :)

1) Solution:

2) Go to [Portfolio > Add New] and use “External Link” option. It will work exactly this way.

3) That’s unfortunately not possible and I can’t think of any way to do this with default files.
3a) Do you really need this? That’s not a big difference to the visitor. We can discuss your idea if you wish and perhaps find some alternatives.
3b) If you’re certain about this then custom modification to achieve this would require you to load portfolio template in normal templates and hide thumbnails when page loads but keep filter visible. You’ll also need to change its CSS to make it appear in some other place (maybe header?).

Difficulty: Easy
Time required: 1-2h (where half of the time is CSS)

Developers on our support forum can do it for you. And there is really no other way to do this than with custom modification… We simply didn’t consider such option during development.

I hope that it clarifies everything and let me know if you need more information about this :) Also, I’m glad that you like the theme! I hope that you’ll soon configure it to your exact needs (with or without our help). Our support forum is open for your requests.