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If you guys advertise yourself as web agencies/WP experts, and you re-sell themes to your clients, wouldn’t the WP version problems fall under your responsibilities? I’m just curious what would you say you do here? Did you tell your client : Hey I just buy themes for $40 and I re-sell it for a couple of hundreds, if there is a problem with the theme and I can’t get a hold of the original author … well that’s it.

I’m not sure how many people just buy a theme and turn around and sell it for a couple hundred dollars. I personally try to find a theme that is closest to what my client needs and then really go to work customizing it. I never advertise myself as some type of WP expert…if I was I would be selling themes here not constantly asking stupid questions ;)

I started this post mostly just find help in case I run into problems trying to get my clients up to date. (but also partly to let authors know that it’s not a great way to treat the 1000+ people who bought your template and now can’t update Wordpress). Maybe I am asking in the wrong forum…I will try in the “items requested” area.

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@neruda, I haven’t replay to you because you specified that you are willing to pay for custom work, I really respect that. I do have another account where I publish themes, the thing is most of themes these days don’t hit 200 sales as an average. I admit, I publish themes and plugins on TF/CC and I work about 1-2 weeks/month, my earnings are about 1/2 – 1/3 as much as I was earning for a multinational software company.

The constant “bother/bugging” from buyers made me think to get a full job again. When you have multiple items and every day people ask you something in order to fit their custom needs I can bet that you (buyers) would not like it also. The most frequent question from buyers starts with : “Is it possible ….” . Both author and buyer knows that is possible, what the buyer means is “could you do this? actually I have a client that needs this and I’m not able to customize it”. My forecast is that the themes/plugins market will fall within the near future, the market will be full, and developers will not be able to accept low income and also provide support.

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@jayc I think most of the themes don’t sell more than a couple tens of units because they don’t innovate. I kind of see always the same typical corporate or portfolio theme.

If I were a developer, I would start creating startup clones and specific biz needs, not general themes that “do it all”. That’s what the people are eager to buy nowadays: The “Make a start-up with this Wordpres Theme”.