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I bought a template themeforest it is looked wanderfull, with many options.

When I have installed it several option into the sidebar of the main menu weren’t here ( for exemple: portofolio etc….) of course i can create a protofolio but into the demo there was a special presentation.

I also looked in the file list and I found the files on this example page layout and others that interest me but which are not displayed in the main menu bar. it is as if these options in the menu bar were turned off. I did find a file that appears to correspond to these choices in the main menu but I am not so knowledgeable about what to do.
Can someone give me some help
among other things is a copy of the file that appears in my view on these options that are not displayed in the menu bar

for the file mainmenu-exclude.php

<?php // enter the ids coma separated ex. $exclude_page_ids = array(1, 7, 5); $exclude_page_ids = array(6); $exclude_category_ids = array(5); ?>

the file mainmenu-config.php

<?php // DropDown // How many link do you want in a dropdown column – leave it -1 if you don’t want columns $DropDownItems = -1;

// Main Menu // Show / hide categories from main menu - 1 for hide, 0 for show $RemoveNormalCategories = 0; $RemoveBlogCategories = 0; $RemovePortfolioCategories = 0; $RemoveProductsCategories = 0;

// BB categories

$Forums = array(); $Members = array(); $Groups = array();

$Forums[‘remove’] = 1; $Members[‘remove’] = 1; $Groups[‘remove’] = 1;

$Forums[‘name’] = ‘Forums’; $Members[‘name’] = ‘Members’; $Groups[‘name’] = ‘Groups’;


thanks for your help