Design Fictional Websites for Each Theme, Upload Them on YouTube, and Sell More Themes

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Hi, I have purchased Academy Theme (Details: and Live Preview: few weeks ago. And still I have to get it up and running! Discussions and online support are even more confusing because many people want so many situation-specific answers.

I did the purchase because I can’t design a website my own and I need one for my business. The notion that newbies like me can get their websites up and running with few clicks if they purchase a professionally designed theme like the one I did isn’t helping much either, for at least people like me who also want to have their websites up and running. The problem is quite understandable and a solution for it is feasible (I think).

Even if we read the documentation (and they seem intimidating!), seek online support, read forum discussions and ask specific questions it takes days (if not weeks) to get our websites up and running. And anyone who has been in this situation knows how it feels; not the geeks or web programming professionals. This means, documentation and online support, though helpful, are NOT sufficient.

The solution: prepare a fictional website tutorial for every Theme you design and upload that tutorial on a YouTube channel. This will help us, customers, because we will emulate each and every instruction and adjust to our needs and you will sell more themes because, now, everybody who referred to them can design a website using your combined theme-and-its-tutorial design instructions. And those 2 hours can save you days of frustration (answering questions seeming so easy to be asked by we newbies).

Doesn’t it seem a win-win solution? Please email me if you have any YouTube channel that covers your themes, especially Academy.

Thanks and hope I didn’t sound stupid. Hassan.

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I am sorry you are having issues. There are a few things to consider here.

First and most importantly the documentation is there to guide you through the basics and this is why (even though it is not a requirement) many authors do offer support forums and the community here are always willing to help.

Second (and don’t take this the wrong way it is meant with all due respect), even though this is a marketplace that appeals to beginners, a certain level of knowledge is assumed as with anything in life. It is not a hand holding exercise and otherwise professional help may be needed. For example you can go buy a washing machine from a shop that will probably come with instructions on setting it up but realistically if you do not know how to do it you would seek a plumber right?

Then you have the time involved. Themes take a LONG time to build (especially one like Academy) and “building a fictional website” in such a way that works for video and demonstrates all the features will take a lot longer than 2 hours to do. This is not only a big ask of the author, all circumstances/sites can be different and it is likely to confuse some people and will never prevent the questions and beginner requests that authors get.

I do get what you are after and it is not a ridiculous request. I get the frustration from “websites up and running with few clicks” but at the same time we need to be realistic. $40 is nothing for a template that will of course need editing to make it look like what the individual wants.

There are many authors who now include video tutorials with their themes and this is the best way to achieve what you are talking about.

Hopefully that all makes sense and clarifies your idea. Good luck with your build

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Hi ydmdalmar, thank you so much for the valuable feedback, I’m certain that the many authors who have read your post will definitely take the suggestions into serious consideration, in order to continue to improve and deliver even better theme instructions/documentation.

In the meantime, the appropriate support forum for this theme can be found here.

Or, you can interact directly with the author here. The link takes you to the item’s Comments section, where you can also browse previous posts for additional information and/or troubleshooting.

Just leave the author a quick comment and he’ll gladly point you in the right direction. Thanks and good luck.