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A couple sites I’m not sure if everyone is familiar with are IllustrationFriday.com and ColourLovers.com.

On Illustration Friday every friday a theme is e-mailed to you and you have to illustrate an image (if you want) based on the theme. No prizes just a great way to get your work seen and keep you creative.

On ColourLovers there are palletes of colors which users have put together based on trends or other items. Really cool site.

What I was thinking it might be a really cool idea for Theme Forest to have a (monthly) Designer’s Challenge where they provide all the images used in the templates along with a theme and/or a limited number of colours for the designers to choose from and then see what we all come up with.

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That would be a great way to pile up some decent templates each month..

The top three could be chosen to be sold. And the grand prize winner gets some cash or an extra percentage point boost.

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Well there are contests on all of the marketplaces…most of them are pretty awesome…but I think a contest will probably be on hold until that little promotion that Collis dropped in his last post is complete.

It would make sense to get a competition going to motivate authors to produce a bunch of files…But a contest that focuses on quality rather than quantity would probably be best here. Or the highest selling comps always go well on FD.

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great idea IMO , very motivating, maybe the winner could get more profit from selling his contest template ;)