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Tsafi, I know it’s a long time ago since you posted, but do you have that class ready yet? We are thinking if we should start researching for a solution, or if there’s already something implemented, that works. Not only arabic, but with special characters from all languages.
Characters from all languages will impossible task just the Chinese regular embed font is about 13 Mgb so run time is a problem, i am focusing more on Rtl since i am more relate to that , Any way, do to CS4 and CS5 everything is change and my time is never enough. But i do plan to submit a class hopefully in the next coming month on code Google under scorpion class relate to CS4 / CS5 but i won’t abandon CS3 so fast.

Still let me clear the subject you can do today Rtl in AS2 /AS3 in a good way the problem is to sell those App` on AD since the main problem is the xml when you write text (Rtl) that carry punctuation. The external text editor (Xml) and flash cannot communicate on the same direction mode when using punctuation (even on the xml itself to add a dot you need to switch back to English), that’s the main problems so you need to tag everything in coding and build everything from scratch so flash will know how to relate those punctuation in the right direction and avoiding reverse text, making class like this is something huge to work on. Php can solve many of those problems.

Also there are only 6 languages that go from Right to left so the market is small and the work is grater then the benefit so the sharing is a problem.

More relate to your languages like Romanian,Poland,Russian just need to be embed externally best way to go, but not easy to register the font in the right way.

Also I did submit a class at the past a sharing project in AS&AS3 for RTL but its non Xml and too many people already bugging me on this all the time so ignore many ……… then they think i am an asss……. For not helping ….. I guess they are right, or i tell them go bug Msfx (:

But to save you time researching for a solution (research is a bad word you meant develop a solution). Best code for AS2 or AS3 on the web for Rtl is here for download (pleas give credit if using this ).

AS2 http://www.red-id.com/blog/post/bidirar.aspx


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Thanks! :-)

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I have made an xml driven Text file that support both Arabic and Latin at the same time, upload it got rejected for lack of help file. I haven’t worked on it since then. So if you’re interested email me through my FD profile.

Hi can u please send me the source file to my gmail account plz. I am really in need of that. My email id is cnsumanth@gmail.com

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Please lock. :)

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Maybe FlarabyAS3 would help?