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The reason is money my friends. No need to argue on anything else.

Authors mostly follow the best seller work types. So unless someone develops something really original, we usually see the alternates of the most popular items.

So yeah, there is no doubt on TF going into a compilation of cliche layouts. This is a fact.

And in order to prevent that, I think maybe Envato can reconsider the quality level, and add a next step of validity rule called “uniqueness” to the file acceptance rules.

I’m sure this will critically reduce the amount of published items for sale in a week, but also will make the items in here more original and more tasty.

There is this weird, unwritten and untold rule that if you put up a shiny left-to-right or up-down slider of photos, or develop a theme which consists of %80 Envato sites’ ui looks; it well sell like cupcakes.

I mean heck, even I am on a process of a work to put on sale inspired from other best sellers. I can do more than that. But from what I’ve seen so far, my best sellers are not my originals and best designs (which are approved by many viewers), but the cliche ones (admin skins with regular layouts).

I always am stuck on with “this one I believe is creative [proven by reviews] but what if this work doesn’t sell, what if I can work less on another unoriginal, popular type of work and that sells more with less effort?” and I quit on the deveopment and release it as PSD only.

I’ve seen so many extremely creative designs in here which only could make 10-15 sells in a month, whic is really sad and this doesn’t feel right.

I have a feeling that the majority of TF buyers are not regular template buyers, but software related people that just want a good skin for what they do. This feeling also leads me to the answer of why cliches sell more than works that stand out.

So let’s not compare the target audience of e.g. templatemonster and TF here because I don’t believe they’re the same. Most people buy stuff here because they want to change the item as much as they can, not buy it because it’s too creative and to use straight ahead.

I know I’m sort of trying to axe myself with this post, but I love uniqueness and creativity more than a few more bucks =)

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Word Big Bird!

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Everyone around the internet uses the same techniques these days. The website you referenced is just an example of old techniques, not american. The great thing about the internet is it shows no bias for where you are from. As designers I don’t see a difference between the work of someone from the US, UK, India or Malaysia.


it does not matter where you are from, it matters how well you make and design websites ! I am from NY, currently living in India for the last 5 months, I dont think it makes a difference !

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seems to me that a lot of templates looks same. not all, but most of them.

why? probably they sell well :)