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Hey everyone,

I want to start a thread where everyone can post his DIY -Projects he has done or is working on right now.

When I was 12 years old I urgently wanted a Home Cinema Projector but they were so expensive. Together with my grandfather I’ve built one out of old Overhead-Projector parts and an stripped LCD -Monitor.

(maybe I can find a photograph of the projector in action, there are whole communities about diy-projectors, do a google search if you are interested).

It did work quite well, but it was huge and my room was honestly too small – but hey, it was fun to build. So I loved to make DIY -Projects from that time on.

Looking at the price of film-gear, it’s obvious why there are so many diy-videos on youtube. I’ve built myself a mini-dolly and a shoulder-rig. They both look ugly, but work like charm.

What projects do you have?

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iPad stand from lego http://imgur.com/a/hVvgK :D

and I’m also planing to build some simple DIY steadicam for my canon