DMCA Notice And How To Secure Your Applications From Piracy Download

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Sadly today I found out that one of my items [name removed]

Immediately I started filing DMCA complaints to: - The webmaster of that particular site - The “make money from links” site that redirects to the download page - To the 3-4 mirror sites of the illegally hosted application - The Hosting company that this site is hosted on

I find myself frustrated and wondering how I ended up filing complaints of my own copyrighted work. You just spend countless hours working on your project and suddenly you find a huge drop in sales and start wondering what went wrong.

Then one day you find out that someone decided to make money from your work. What’s ironic here is that the uploader of my item on that site is a Greek guy (I’m Greek, too).

When monetization comes to place things like this doesn’t matter. I did what I had to do to get the item removed from them and now it’s up to their good will if they remove it.

What we can do to better protect our Items

No matter what, I have decided to change the installation process of my application. What you can do is to give a PHP installation file that will ask from the user to enter their license number from CodeCanyon or other Envato sites and if that number is correct the application will download from YOUR SERVER the actual application that contains code that checks if the application is installed using a proper license.

Of course people who are in the illegal piracy downloading business will figure of a way on how to “unlock” the downloaded version from your server. I guess they invest some of their earnings on buying items from Envato and then uploading them to file-hosting sites.

The above technique is going to give a little hard time to the evil users but won’t stop them. Another thing you can do is to encrypt a part of your source code that is necessary for the app to work and include into that encrypted code or file the process of checking in specific intervals if the app is properly licensed.

Personally I will try both of the above to see how it goes.

I would like to hear your suggestions on this and what you have done or what would you do if this happened to you?

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Or you can simply focus more on your customers and less on pirates who aren’t. It’s a waste of your time and it will only frustrate legitimate customers more. What you should attempt to do instead, is to continue to use DMCA takedowns by reporting them to envato support.

By doing so, you have more time to invest on your customers and provide more value to your software in the form of support and frequent updates. This combined with your product will give people more incentive to buy a legit copy.

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Piracy will always exist. They will always find a way around ANY measures you take to protect your files. If you do not like it then do not sell your items here. I swear people should be forced to accept this may happen and there is no way to prevent it when signing up here.

Also, I believe encoding the source isn’t allowed here. These methods have also been tried, tested and failed many a time – accept it: there is no way to stop piracy. Stop wasting time trying to prevent it and instead give buyers a reason to buy your item; support, updates etc.

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Yep encoding the source code isn’t allowed.

I offer my clients a portal where they can sign up with their purchase code. You can only sign up once with each purchase code.

In the portal I have a number of free plugins, help guides, forums and I offer support this way. I think this is a good way to encourage people to buy.