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@nagaemas, yes i plan to do that. getting tired of people complain to include those file while its not mandatory to add. the actual problem is actually you need to fully support people if you adding more feature, especially if those feature not working or your client don’t know how to use it.

@netphlex, its not MANDATORY, but its OPTIONAL. you really need understand about that. its very different between those line. also actually i give example how to handle ajax response on php. base on those php you can build your own contact form that you need.

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As an author on Themeforest, you need to take heed and realise most of the customers here do not have coding knowledge. The very reason Themeforest has such a business model is to allow people to have a (fully) working website thus eliminating the need to hire a developer and lessen the costs of having a website. Any HTML template that does not have a PHP form is not deceiving but selling an HTML template without one is like selling a car with all the bells and whistles minus the tyres. Yes, the buyer will be able to have a live website but how functional will the website be without a contact form?

I propose two things; if your template includes a contact page, ensure the contact page works or else, don’t include one because buyers see a contact page and assume their website will have a working contact page.

Lastly, if you, the developer, cannot be bothered to include a working contact page, in the form of PHP, this either means you don’t have a working knowledge of PHP to make one or you are not at all motivated to provide your customers with an extra reason to purchase your items. What is the reasoning behind excluding a working contact page? You expect a non-dev to somehow manage to add one themselves? Makes no sense!

Whatever the case, whichever way you look at it, not including a working PHP form is to the detriment of the customer (not seller) and I’m pretty sure that’s not what Envato set out to do. Cheers!

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As an author, it will take you just a few time to create those addiotional PHPs to make forms work properly. As a user, it will help you a lot when customizing, and will avoid contating author to ask for help.

My advice: include them, even not mandatory.

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I would venture to say that most buyers want a working contact form and this should be considered when releasing a new theme. I would never buy a template if no working contact form with validation is included and I have now learned to ask before I buy. This a deal breaker for me and I cannot understand why a developer would go through all the effort to build a nice theme and not finish it off with a working contact form.

My question is, why are some developers so resistant to providing a working contact form with validation? Personally, when I find a developer with nice themes and working contact form, they are most likely going to see repeat business from me. Those who don’t provide a working contact form, no business from me. How many more buyers share my feelings and how much business is lost due to this? Something to consider…

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I am in full support of you @Leyte. I am about customer service and of course as a client you really don’t know any better let alone have the impression that you have to question the developer if the site is 100% working….Certain things are a given, having a contact page is with every web site out on the market now, I just feel it is unfair that I paid for a site with false impression that it was to work and now I am forced to repurchase the Wordpress file because there it will work. Will never buy from developer again.