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Hi all

Wow, it’s been a long time since I’ve been active on here. It’s nice to be back :)

Hopefully a straightforward question: if I delete an old item, will my total sales/paw stats be reset?

I’m considering deleting two (very) old items, but don’t want to lose these stats as I think they add credibility.

Bit of context, if you’re interested…

After about 3 years of not adding anything to Themeforest, I’m finally rebooting. I’ve been focussed entirely on client work these last few years, but finally made the time to get back into creating themes. It’s taken me far too long but I’m happy to be close to uploading my first new items. The final thing is to decide what I do with my old items. If I keep them, I’m worried it’s a blight on my portfolio. If I remove them, I’m concerned about old buyers being unable to download the items, as well as potentially losing my sales stats. The answer to the question above might make my decision easier. I’ve read a thread about keeping/removing old items and opinion seems a bit divided. If I keep them, I intend to fully update to be in line with my new items, though I’m still worried these items will look out of place (as they are very old and I can’t completely redesign them as an ‘update’)

Any answers to the question and thought on keeping/removing would be awesome.


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