(Locked) Does adding new features and page layouts to an existing theme leads to a theme price increase?

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I have HTML Template that I’ve submitted a week ago and the price was set to $16 by the reviewer, however since then I’ve added additional PSD and am thinking of adding extra pages and layouts to it. Can I expect a price of the template to be increased after that? Site Template: Theme Venera

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In general, from i have seen, a big factor is the quality of the design and the layout of the theme. Not the features. There are themes, wordpress themes, with a lot of features, but mediocre design with $40 price tag, and themes with a good design, and no features to compare to the other one, and they are priced at $50. I can give you the clear example over mail, as i cannot call names here.

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This post is now more than one year old. I was wondering the same. Is there a possibility of increasing the item price if added more functionality and new features? Any real case of this? Thanks

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Envato team

That would really depend on what was added and the Reviewers. If you can be detailed on what you’re going to ask, you can always open a Support ticket – http://support.envato.com/ Thanks!